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rsl_daily's Journal

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Robert Sean Leonard Daily
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rsl_daily ♥

the rules
01. Be kind, be courteous. We're a friendly bunch, yeah? Let's keep it that way. :D

02. RSL Daily is primarily a picture posting community. Though we are, of course, appreciative of other types of media in all their glory, please try and include a picture with your post.

03. No hotlinking. It's illegal, it's mean, and it makes webmasters the world over weep into their cornflakes. It isn't pretty, folks.

04. Picspams are awesome (oh, so awesome! post more!), but please utilize the LJ-cut for posts with more than one picture. As a general rule, it's best to limit yourself to one 600px or less image outside the cut.

affiliate comms

comments, questions, etc?
If you have any questions about the community or wish to exchange affiliate links, please send a PM, e-mail or smoke signal to waltzforanight. :)

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